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interactive visualisations

Interactive map


A modern interactive map of the University of Twente and the Kennispark Twente area. Kennispark Twente consists of the University of Twente and the adjacent Business & Science Park. bestaat uit de Universiteit Twente en het naastgelegen Business & Science Park. This fruitful collaboration between research and industry is a an international example of entrepreneurship.

In addition to scientific institutes, companies and education, there are numerous associations, sports facilities, student housing and much more located at the "Kennispark Twente". To visualise such a rich area, a detailed 3D model has been built where modern web technologies help to smoothly navigate through the renders of the area. By making specific locations clickable, users can access a deeper layer of information while by means of strong photography, the vivid feeling of the area is communicated to the user.

The application is set up in such a way that it can be applied in a very broad manner. Embedding of the map on other websites has been made user friendly and the creation of special links to locations on the map is structured so that the map can be used for many different occasions.

Educational app


For almost every (former) student, last-minute studying for an exam is a well-known phenomenon. The earlier you start preparing a course, the better the end result.

We have created an app for the physiomics group of the Radboud Medical Centre in Nijmegen to motivate students to continue working on the subject after each lecture. Principles in developing the concept and eventually the application:

  • Motivate students to get started with the subject during the course
  • Tracking of different parameters

After a class, a student has a chance to answer a set of questions online about the subject matter.

Visit the app here and login as a guest!

Hadron Therapy Facility


In addition to fundamental research into elementary particles, the world-famous CERN institute is also working on medical applications. On behalf of CERN, we have designed an interactive Hadron Therapy Centre.

Hadron therapy offers unique opportunities in the fight against cancer but requires extremely complex and costly facilities. Our virtual center provides insight to a wider audience, and gives the opportunity to explore all aspects of such a center.

Some unique challenges we have faced during this project include:

  • Designing the virtual center and surroundings.
  • Resolution independent, modern user interface tailored to the needs of CERN.
  • Interactive visualization of the functioning facility.
  • A Content Management System that provides a high degree of freedom to the user to add content to the site.
  • The ability to deal with an unlimited number of languages, important to an international institute such as CERN
  • Extensive facilities with regard to making custom links and embedding of the site.

Virtual Reality


DEMCON Nymus 3D was invited to join a consortium preparing a submission to Grand Challenge 5 “Find a way of mapping tumours at the molecular and cellular level” of Cancer Research UK. We were asked how Virtual Reality could be used in the future to visualize the progression of cancer through time.

In a short time our team created this demo application, using the HTC Vive, where we did just that. The demo shows a primary lung tumor developing that starts generating Circulating Tumor Cells which result in several metastasis that start generating their own Circulating Tumor Cells.

The interactive demo allows the user to scroll through the timeline, manipulate the data representation, take snap-shots to compare situations over time and even jump into a cellular view of different tumor sites.

If the proposal is successful DEMCON Nymus 3D will be involved in developing a Virtual Reality application that will visualize actual cancer data obtained by clinical researchers.